How can you stop your cat from biting others

Cats are cute animals that may sometimes behave aggressively. Some cats may even get so aggressive and playful that they start biting others. Cats often see this act as a part of the game play. So it is important for you to understand that right time to withdraw from the game play and stop biting. You can follow simple guidelines to stop a cat from biting.

Keep better understanding

Cats are playful animals and so it is important for you to get familiar with their nature. You need to understand the cats behavior. When playing with your cat you have to understand the reasons why your cat starts biting. There may be many reasons for cats to behave in this way. It is important to distract the mood of your cat the moment she starts biting you.

stop a cat from biting

Anything or act you feel irritates your cat should immediately be stopped. Some cats also behave in this way as an act of protest. It is important to get familiar with the body language of your cat.

Avoid teasing

Most cats simply dislike being teased by others. Cats get attracted towards being teased and can get aggressive. Cats usually see this as a part of the game play and may get over excited. They tend to bite as a sign of protest. They may tend to delve deep in the game play and start biting. When playing with a cat try and make use of a hand toy. The moment you notice that the cat is getting aggressive it is ideal to stop playing with her. It is also better to maintain safe distance so they don’t bite you.

When your cat starts biting try and interrupt and divert his attention towards some other task. This will distract her mind and she may get involved with other task and stop biting. Repeat this act for some time daily so your cat stops biting. Use time out technique

This task can be used for your own benefit. The moment you feel your cat is biting it is ideal to withdraw from the game play. You can try and take necessary steps that can send a much stronger message to your cat. So if you want to stop a cat from biting it is ideal to notice the behavior change and act accordingly. The moment your cat starts biting, try and move away and stop playing with her so she gets a very strong message. So the cat gets familiar that if she bites then the fun time also ends.