What’s there to Know about the German Shepherd Dog?

German Shepherd Dogs are a large-sized canine which belongto the herding family of working dogs. With its intelligence along with its versatility, this proud breed of dog from Germany was put to good use to guard and herd shepherds flocks. These wonderful dogs are indeed active and make for the perfect companion and protector.

Typical Features

The German shepherd has what is known as a “double coat”, meaning that it is comprised of a thick undercoat and a dense, almost wavy or straight outer coat. Their hair colour, is typically tan and black, or sometimes even red and black, is medium in length and shed throughout the year.

The German shepherd’s body is long, typically about56 and 66 centimetres – in proportion to its height. This perfect balance gives this beautiful canine not only great strength, but agility, elasticity and long, graceful strides.

Matters of Personality

German shepherdsare indeed very protective and devoted to their family and home, and will display a somewhat suspicious and aloof demeanour around outsiders. It can certainly be dominating and self-assured towards other dogs, even though it is commonly friendly with any other pets in the home. (Even kittens!)

  • These canines are extremely versatile, and you will clearly see in all of them a keen display of intelligence while performing any of their duties.

Personal Care

The German shepherdis a hardy dog and can live outside in cool or temperate climates, but also really likes to be living indoors too. Plenty of exercise isof the essence for keeping its mind and body in an active state, and because the German shepherd happens to shed hair every day of the year, its coat requires brushing one or two times a week to help encourage turnover and minimise any buildup inside an owner’s home.

Health Matters

This dog has a normal lifespan of somewhere between 10 to 12 years. It can be, however, somewhat susceptible to some health conditions.

  • German shepherds are prone to a lethal fungal infection because of the Aspergillus mould.
  • Due to this susceptibility, German shepherds, like nearly every other dog, should be taken to a veterinarian for regular check-ups.

It’s always a good idea to have top quality German Shepard dog insurance, to back you up in case of any problems.

Historical Background

The German shepherdhas over time served in a number of different capacities:

  • Police dog
  • Guide dog
  • Guard dog
  • War dog (Especially in the Vietnam war)
  • Explosives- and narcotics-detecting dog
  • Search and rescue dog
  • Show dog
  • And most notably as a shepherding dog.

Developed originally for safeguarding and herding shepherd’s flocks, there are not many other dogs with such a versatile record.

Shepherds have become a mainstay in many western countries –and over in the US, even maintaining its good name as one of the ten most favoured dogs, and ranking at number one in numerous American cities.