Spread happiness around home with pets

Pets are one of the relationships that have been created between human and animal. There are various kinds of pet animals that people prefer to have and it varies depending on them. Now a day people showing more interest in having pets as they act as a best therapy for forgetting their tension. It makes human to relieve their stress on seeing the naughty things that are done by the pets. Dogs are the most wanted pet animals. Having pets is not a great thing, the needs of the pets should be satisfied and it is the pet’s owner duty. The vaccination should be done periodically and it is safe for both the pet animal and the owner.

Only defect is that they can’t speak but feelings, love and care that they show to us and we show to them are equal to humans that sometimes even humans lack in that. The most pets become one of their family members and their kids and pets grow up with their kids together with a bonding of brothers and sisters.  Most commonly preferred pets are dogs, cats and birds.

As we are humans and though we have six senses and believed to be best creature in the planet earth, it is our duty to protect other living things with love and care. Because we can express our feelings through words that others can understand even a pet can understand. But their feelings can be felt only through their love that they show to us. The fact is that only if the animals would have lived on this mother planet the world would have not been polluted but it’s we humans who polluted this planet and spoiling the lives of gods beautiful creatures. So let’s live and let other living beings to live.