Make our pets happy with our attention

Pets are one of the most wonderful creatures in the world. They have been the best companion of human being. In the olden days pets are being used as a working animal to do some work but nowadays people consider pets as a part of their family. Pets are very loyal to their owners and they are very playful and protective. They will be emotionally attached to their owners. Some may use pet animals as a guide to handicapped persons. Some popularly used pets are dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, pigs, rats, mice, aquatic fishes, and some reptiles such as lizards, turtles, snake etc. At first dogs are preferred more than cats. But now a day cats have outnumbered the dogs. They are owned for the best companionship and their beauty and attractiveness. Pets are the only creature to be loyal to their owners irrespective of their character. Pets like dogs are used in military trainings. They have been given military training and the best one is allowed to serve as a military dog.


Household pets can also be given training in order to be obedient and listen to the owner’s word. In some gulf countries, people even own lion, tiger and cheetah as their pet animal. When we get attached to the pets, we cannot be able to live with them. Owning pets have some risky jobs too such as vaccination should be done periodically without any fail because it is harm both to the pet and the pet owners. They will attract everyone by their naughtiness and their look. Pets have a better hearing and smelling capacity. Before buying a pet, you should be very careful about its breed and it should not be a cross breeds since many breeders sale cross breeds in the name of pure ones for the sake of money.